Design Advice: Preparing for Spring 2015

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1. Embrace the Outdoors

Incorporate little bits of nature into your home design by decorating with flowers, branches or fruits. Even the tiniest touch of the outdoors reminds you that the seasons are changing.

2. Switch up your area rug

Looking for an easy and affordable way to freshen up your home for the new season? Switch up your area rug! We just introduced our latest collection: Vintage Fusion.  Our Leola area rug will bring an elegant look to your outdoor patio space or deck, plus it’s reversible so you can get two looks in one!.Check out the full collection Here.

3. Break out the Color

It’s finally time to remove all the thick blankets and heavy throw pillows that were needed to fight the winter cold! Longer days and warmer temperatures make spring the best time to play with color. Bring in bright airy curtains and add little pops of color throughout the room to create an atmosphere that screams spring.

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