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This year, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday. We feel now is an appropriate time to highlight

our love and appreciation for this wonderful country!


From cityscapes to raw natural landscapes, Canada boasts with rich history and awe-inspiring

culture. It’s no wonder KORHANI home chose to locate its headquarters in the Great White



KORHANI home has taken its love for Canadian culture by weaving it into its Persian roots.

Located in NE of Montreal, Canada, KORHANI home’s manufacturing facility is equipped with

the finest state-of- the-art technology, integral in creating the brand’s many beautiful and

innovative products.


Committed to growing its brand, KORHANI home continues to reinvest in its success to remain

a top innovator in the industry. New products, techniques, and materials are continually

researched and tested using high-end technology. It’s important to us that our products are of

superior quality and of course, made in Canada!


As a Canadian manufacturer, KORHANI home provides quick to market service and local job

opportunities for Canadians. In addition, our manufacturing facility produces environmentally

friendly products and is the only rug manufacturer that has been certified by UL ECOLOGO, a

worldwide reputable third party company.


KORHANI home is thrilled to share its Canadian-made products in over 4000 retail stores

across North America and into Europe. Our wish is that consumers can enjoy the quality and

designs of our products, which are inspired and celebrated by our love for Canadian culture and


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