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Looking for the perfect rug for that space that you need to add that extra punch to?

A rug has many benefits and can truly transform your home. Introducing new colours, textures and patterns to any room (indoor and outdoor) will enlighten your inner interior designer.

Before you go out on your search there are several questions you need to ask yourself. Follow this foolproof guide to preparing to purchase the perfect rug for your space!

Step 1:

Where is it going?

Think about the area you are planning to put your new rug in. Is in indoors, outdoors? Determine the use of the space and how much traffic flows through it. This will allow you to narrow down the type of material that would be best used in that room.


Step 2:

How is it placed?

This is up to you and your eye. If you prefer to have all furniture on top of your rug or just a few legs touching, it is a matter of your own personal style.


Hint: When it comes to the dining room there should be about 24 inches of rug that goes beyond the table. This will allow for chairs to have room to be pushed back.


Step 3:

Choose your rug!

KORHANI home has a multitude of indoor and outdoor rugs that are beautifully designed by our team. We are determined to bring you fashion forward, outstanding rugs that will elevate your home style and have your friends asking you where you found that amazing piece.


Have a look at our Spring/ Summer collection Amazing Amazonas to find your perfect outdoor rug!




Inspiration: http://www.housebeautiful.com/home-remodeling/interior-designers/q-and-a/a1827/how-to-choose-a-rug/


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