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Your backyard is a multi-functional space that you can transform into a tropical hideaway with a couple of simple additions. Before you go for a whole renovation after starting that Pinterest board, take a look at these easy ways of updating your space.


  1. Flowers!

Flowers can be pricey, however they completely transform your outdoor space. Pick a colour scheme and change up the arrangements. You can use hanging, potted and even plant flowers in your garden. Getting the prearranged handing pots save time and have a major impact.


       2. Cozy Seating      

You need an area where you can invite your friends to gather and enjoy each others company. Having a section of your backyard dedicated to being a comfortable seating area will create that relaxed atmosphere that you are looking for in your outdoor oasis.


       3. Accessories

An amazing statement rug will pull the space together and make your seating area more cohesive. It will provide some warmth, texture and add personality that will have you drawn to your hideaway.


Easily create your tropical getaway by including one of our rugs from the Amazing Amazonas collection - https://www.korhani.com/shop

Interested in some DIY alternatives to make your backyard more beautiful? Check out Country Living’s “50 Ideas that will Beautify you Yard (Without Breaking the Bank)





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